Canon India announces new video-centric camera 'PowerShot V10'

Canon India announces new video-centric camera 'PowerShot V10'
Canon has announced a new video-centric compact camera designed for smartphone natives PowerShot V10 in India. Priced at Rs 39,995, the new camera will be available to purchase starting June 2023.
With its slim, ergonomic form factor and seamless, high-quality footage, the PowerShot V10 brings Canon's imaging technologies in a pocketable design.
According to the company, the PowerShot V10 is a 3-in-1 content creation kit essential for anything from travel vlogging to on-location livestreams. It fits in a small bag with room to spare, along with a smartphone, earbuds, and a power bank.
Canon's EOS imaging technology allows the PowerShot V10 to produce low-noise footage with vivid colours, even in low-light set up.
The new camera comes equipped with various shooting modes that include auto and manual exposure, and as many as 14 colour filters.
Moreover, the company said that the autofocus will prove to be a breeze even for beginners.
"While Face Tracking AF automatically detects and keeps your face in the frame, you can also switch to Specified Frame AF to focus on wherever you tap," Canon said.
The PowerShot V10 supports real-time delivery methods such as livestreaming, which can be done directly to Facebook or YouTube via the Camera Connect app without the hassle of complicated settings.
Designed for ease of shooting, the lens' wide angle-of-view lets users record themselves with their friends and the background behind them.
Source: IANS