Apple Vs Samsung: Which Is Better?

BANGALORE: According to a recent survey conducted by Counter Point Research on which phone was better, the result was that Apple 5s is a more widely accepted phone than Samsung’s galaxy S5. This result was taken from a research conducted across 35 markets. People found Apple better suited than the android phone Samsung whose sale of the Galaxy S5 was behind Apple by a huge margin.

The overall sale of Apple’s 5s was about 7 million whereas Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was about 5 million. Samsung expected to take on Apple’s dominance in the high end valued phones market with the launch of the Samsung’s Galaxy S5, but regrettably it hasn’t been able to make that much of an impact. Samsung will have to work on a better strategy because the Apple 5s is an eight month old phone whereas the Samsung galaxy S5 is a much rather newer phone.

The biggest factor where Samsung used to have an upper hand was for the incredible larger screen display but this factor will no longer be much of a strategy as the new Apple iPhone 6, which is ready to be launched in mid September this year, will have a bigger screen display unlike its other iPhones.

According to another report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Samsung is becoming a favorite among previous iPhone users but iPhone remains the favorite among buyers in the U.S. and Europe. The 5s holds first place in U.S. and 5c in Europe, whereas Samsung is a second choice to many.

Samsung is stepping up its game by revealing that it would start making phones with metallic body and stop the use of plastic through a new series called Galaxy Alpha, although they have been selling like crazy with their plastic covered phones. This has been a reason for the decline in sales, as the products cannot withstand the pressure when accidently dropped; and the company will hope that this new flagship series of phones will help bring them back into the market.

Many analysts are of the opinion that Samsung must throw away the brand name Galaxy S5 and come up with a new one due to brand fatigue. They also have many variant prices for their products, whereas, Apple has only phones from the price range of $400. The design of Samsung’s galaxy series has also been attacked, where people say there isn’t much of a difference among the variants.

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