Adobe integrates Firefly AI and Lightroom into the Apple Vision Pro headset

Adobe integrates Firefly AI and Lightroom into the Apple Vision Pro headset
Adobe's Firefly AI, the text-to-image tool responsible for features such as Photoshop's generative fill, will be integrated as a native app on the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality (MR) headset, priced at $3,500. Alongside the widely-used Lightroom photo-editing software, the new Firefly experience is specifically designed for the headset's visionOS system. This enables users to seamlessly position and interact with images generated by the app in real-world environments, such as walls and desks.
The interface of the Firefly visionOS app will be recognizable to those familiar with the web-based version of the tool, as stated by the software company. Users simply input a text description in the prompt box at the bottom and click "generate." Subsequently, four distinct images are produced, allowing users to drag them out of the main app window and position them as virtual posters or prints within their homes.
“The Firefly AI model behind the new visionOS app is designed to be commercially safe and applies a content credential ‘nutrition label’ to images that embeds metadata to transparently mark them as AI-generated", said the company. Adobe has hinted at an upcoming feature that will allow users to generate "wrap-around panoramas, 360-degree environments, and additional capabilities" for the Firefly experience on visionOS. However, specific details about these enhancements were not disclosed.
“The visionOS Lightroom experience is similar to that of the iPad version, with a cleaner, simplified interface that should be easier to navigate with hand gestures than the more feature-laden desktop software", Adobe informed. Apple last week announced more than 600 apps and games designed for Vision Pro headsets that are now available in the US.
Source: IANS