Top 5 Android phones below Rs. 10,000

Top 5 Android phones below Rs. 10,000

By Anonya Roy, SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 31 January 2011, 11:28 Hrs   |    34 Comments
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Bangalore: The recent surveys done by top research firms like Gartner point to the growing popularity of the Android operating system (OS). Worldwide, the shares of Android OS have jumped and it is now the second most popular OS after Symbian, as per Gartner's third quarter smartphone data released in November 2010.

The reason for the immense adoption of Android can be attributed to it being an open source operating system that is preferred by handset manufacturers. Plus there is the Android market that houses more than 200,000 apps. Indian manufacturers are cashing on big time in the Android platform and are coming up with new and cheap handsets to cater to the Indian user's taste and sensibility.

We picked top five phones running on the Android platform and are priced below Rs. 10,000 that give value for money.

1. Samsung Galaxy 5

Running on Android 2.1, the Samsung Galaxy 5 features a 2.8 inch display touchscreen with 240x320 pixel resolution. The phone is powered by a 600MHz processor. It has Samsung's proprietary TouchWIZ UI. The phone has access to the Android market, thus you can download huge number of apps through this. Connectivity wise, the phone scores with packing in 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS support. With an internal memory of 170MB, the phone comes with a 2GB microSD card. The memory can be further expanded to 16GB. It packs in a 2MP camera and its powerful battery gives a long talk time of 9.5 hours.
Price: Rs. 8,869

2. Spice Mi-300

Having got itself the update from Android 1.6 to 2.1, the Spice Mi-300 has brought itself out of the initial criticism that it faced without the OS update. Sporting a 3.2 inch capacitive display screen, and supports 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth for connectivity, it has a 5MP camera with LED flash option. It comes with 150MB internal memory that can be extended up to 32GB with a microSD card. The battery supports a talk time of five hours.
Price: Rs. 9,000

3. Dell XCD28

The Dell XCD28 features a 2.8 inch resistive touchscreen and runs on the Android 2.1 operating system. Powered by a 600MHz processor, the device has a 3.2MP camera. The phone weighs just 100 gram and has 256MB of RAM and ROM each. Connectivity wise, the phone has 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. It ships with an internal memory of 200MB that can be extended up to 16GB.
Price: Rs. 7,999

4. Huawei Ideos U8150

The Android 2.2 run phone from Huawei has just been released in India in partnership with Aircel. Ideos has a 2.8 inch capacitive touchscreen with screen resolution of 320X240. A 3.2 MP camera is present at the rear of the phone. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS. Powered by a 528MHz processor, the phone can function as a Wi-Fi router for eight devices. The memory of the phone can be increased up to 32GB using a microSD card. With the Aircel tie-up, a postpaid subscriber of Aircel is granted 2GB of free mobile data every month.
Price: Rs. 8,499

5. Micromax Andro

The first Android phone launched by Micromax, the Andro A60 is a full touchscreen smartphone that runs on the Android 2.1 Eclair OS. The phone has a 2.8 inch resistive screen with an auto focused 3.2 MP camera. Powered by a 600MHz microprocessor, the phone comes with an internal memory of 150MB and can be expanded up to 32GB using a micro SD card. Connectivity features of the phone include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The Andro A60 also packs in an Accelerometer and Gravity sensor for playing the Android-platform based games. The device includes FM radio and is powered by a 1280 mAh Li-ion battery.
Price: Rs. 6,699

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Reader's comments(34)
1: Motorola charm also good one. I dont know why they are not included in this list. Sucks..
Posted by:shandu - 11 Aug, 2011
2: i own Micromax A60, but it doesn't have the FM radio as u mentioned?
is ur data correct?
Posted by:Raghunandan - 22 Feb, 2011
3: Thanks for the updated information, please provide me much more onformation about these phone features and Front and Back camera fecility and also 3g utility.

Posted by:Ramesh - 18 Feb, 2011
4: Purple SMS - Send Free SMS to India, Get Recharge By Sending Free SMS, Send Group SMS, Set Reminder.
Posted by:PurpleSMS - 09 Feb, 2011
5: i think the above phones are lesser in price compared before when it was released in the market
i suggest to go for micromax or samsung or dell
Posted by:harry - 07 Feb, 2011
6: Micromax Andro is a crap! you cannot upgrade the OS from 2.1 to 2.2. It does not support a android 2.2 as stated by the company itself.
Posted by:Kunal - 05 Feb, 2011
7: I think by adding few 1000 bucks one can easily get LG OPTIMUS ONE which quite a good deal, Moreover it works on Android 2.2, 6ooMhz processor, 3.2 inch screen,3MP Camera,Long battery life...all dese make it worthy than likes of Dell XCD/Samsung Galaxy5.
Posted by:Puneet - 04 Feb, 2011
LG OPTIMUS ONE a good deal than other androids
Manish Replied to: Puneet - 05 Feb, 2011
9: Plz any body can help me for upgrade 2.1 android to my experia X 8 plz how I can upgrade?
Posted by:faiz ahmed - 01 Feb, 2011
10: Dear,
but as i harad and read Micromax A60 is better choic but you are sayingit is not having 3g support. i called Customer care of micromax and they are saying 3g phone. now i am confused.the documents also saying that is is a 3g support.

can any body is going tell me the truth.
my id is
Posted by:sachin - 01 Feb, 2011
micromax android is 3g Mobile. one of my friend is having one..and it has 3g, wifi, bluetooth etc etc
sumit Replied to: sachin - 01 Feb, 2011
12: What about Sony Ericssion Xperia Mini, is it not yet available in India. I think in this price tag it is the best available Android phone in market. it carries 5 MP camera, GPRS, 3G, and a unique Timespace application, which is avaiable in this only. Through timespace you can find all communications from your friends on your home screen itself. Having all other smartphone features, this is a very good option. Also if you pay just about 1000 extra, you can opt the same phone with QWERTY key pad too in its pro version.
Kindly review these also for your readers.
Posted by:Yamini K Agarwal - 01 Feb, 2011
i totally agree with you , i have xperia mini pro and its great
praval Replied to: Yamini K Agarwal - 07 Feb, 2011
The SOny Xperia Mini is priced above Rs.10,000 and the heading above reads "Top 5 Android phones below 10,000"
Sagar Replied to: Yamini K Agarwal - 01 Feb, 2011
I think you not checked the market recently. Now it also come just around 10K and Pro will be available on arnd 11K
Yamini K Agarwal Replied to: Sagar - 07 Feb, 2011
I think Yamini Aggarwal gives us a better explaination and a good choice
Tarun Replied to: Sagar - 01 Feb, 2011
17: howz dell?
Posted by:dupesh - 01 Feb, 2011
I'm comfortable with samsung Galaxy 5 this phone is excellent for use.
Rajendra Devkota Replied to: dupesh - 01 Feb, 2011
19: download APN on/off widget to prevent unnecessary usage of gprs.
Posted by:mukesh - 31 Jan, 2011
20: Its awesome in all respect except the battery backup.
Posted by:Ashutosh - 31 Jan, 2011
21: I bought Samsung Galaxy 5 last month paying 8500, the phone is really a good deal for this price. But I am not getting a good battery backup. I felt there is some issue with the battery or the handset itself and got both replaced but of no use. The battery backup with just gtalk running in background (all other apps turned off) and display off the battery goes off in 5 - 6 hours. Even in standby mode the phone goes off in around 7 hours. I have turned off all unwanted things like GPS, WiFi, and reduced screen brightness but did not come of much help. Also when I see the battery consumption patter each time i get max power consumption as standby utilization (90% - 95%) and next as display.

Any suggestions or someone who experienced a different thing?
Posted by:Patralekh Satyam - 31 Jan, 2011
Enable 'use only 2G network' option to save battery wen u r not using 3G... it helped me in getting long battery life...
Prabhu Replied to: Patralekh Satyam - 01 Feb, 2011
Hi everybody,
I want to answer a very seriopus issue regarding Android or any other smnart phone, whether it is on windows platform, symbian or android. Users always found the batter backup not good. Actualy this is not a problem but an explanation. In other phones, the battery is used when we actually use them (Making or receiving calls, or using other options of our phones) but in case of smartphones, the battery is required every second because of its internal usage of power for many features like 3G, emailing etc. So it is obvious and not a problem.
Hope this will answer many questions.
Yamini K Agarwal Replied to: Patralekh Satyam - 01 Feb, 2011
yes, battery backup is a real headach in galaxy. Install 'Advance app killer' app and kill all running ups. many applications keep running all the time even after being closed. There is one major problem with galaxy andriod OS is that we cant force it to ask us before using GPRS. if your GPRS is not unlimited then this phone keeps using gprs in the background. We cant even temprorily disable it either. We have to look for workaround like changing the APN or something.
Karanth Srihari Replied to: Patralekh Satyam - 31 Jan, 2011
dude download apn on/off widget.just one touch and ur gprs can be turned on n off.its worth.
Musk Replied to: Karanth Srihari - 31 Jan, 2011
Hi Karant,

There are apps on the android market that gives you a way of switching on/off GPRS/3G etc. You may want to explore those applications. They are good. One of them which I use is a "Battery Widget". Though this one is for 3G, there are others for GPRS too. Hope it helps.
im_xboss Replied to: Karanth Srihari - 31 Jan, 2011
27: Yes, i have Samsung Gallerxy, it works very well.

See - Send Free SMS and Get Recharge.
Posted by:Haresh - 31 Jan, 2011
28: The huawei ideos has a 528 mhz processor while the samsung galaxy 5 has a 600mhz processor . Surely go for samsung galaxy 5.
Posted by:Lokesh sah - 31 Jan, 2011
29: I use galaxy. It has bouquet of features and applications.
But drawback is it doesn't have built voice search.
Posted by:yash - 31 Jan, 2011
you will get voice search with Froyo. Froyo doesnt come with Galaxy 5 you Dodo!
Dododo Replied to: yash - 01 Feb, 2011
Hi Yash,

From the android market, download the google voice search application and it will do the job for you. Hope it helps.
im_xboss Replied to: yash - 31 Jan, 2011
Thanks buddy. Can we share new applications.
Please let me know interesting apps.
You can reach me
yash Replied to: im_xboss - 01 Feb, 2011
Best Android is Motorola Milestone still. and Cheapest is LG Vortex @ 5000 INR with Android 2.2 Froyo
Amey Replied to: yash - 15 Apr, 2011
34: It is really good
Posted by:Balu - 31 Jan, 2011