TAGG Sports+ Bluetooth Earphones: Your Serendipitous Gateway to Music

tagg watchBluetooth was originally borrowed from the Denmark royalty, King Herald Bluetooth, who was responsible for the coalition of Scandinavia.  The tech industry too thought of a peaceful coalition and ended up uniting the contemporary devices over a short-range wireless link and has maintained tranquillity in the technical realm ever since. Heralding (no pun intended) this Bluetooth feature is TAGG Sports+ Earphones comprising of a sleek contour, high audio range and low bass reflection which is winning our appreciation. Encased in a smart travel case, your TAGG Sports+ earphones box comprise of a USB charger that can be plugged into the computer or an adapter, extra buds and a manual which we recommend you should read before giving it a go.

Mindful Technology, Carefree User Experience

Looking at the device, one might consider it to be the delicate darling of the earphone world but TAGG is as rugged as it can get. Its 8-hour battery life stands as a testament to its long battery life which can be charged in a mere 1-2 hours of your time. However, try not to overcharge it as it may lead to battery drain and that will be your fault. A sleek wire with comfortably snug buds at the two ends and a small rectangular body in the middle with three buttons is all you need to enjoy the seamless hands-free Bluetooth experience.

Long press the Play/Pause to switch on your earphones which will be notified by an automated voice and the blue light. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and pair these two up and wait for the ‘Connected’ command by the automated voice. Furthermore, long press the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Volume Down’ to switch between your tracks, at just the tap of your fingers. Can’t get any simpler than that! You can use the main button to pick up calls and of course, hang up as well. This multipurpose user interface compels us to give it the extra brownie points. However, do keep in mind to stay in the vicinity as the connection between the two breaks at a distance of 10-12 feet. Not bad for the common usage around your house.

Coming to the aesthetics; though we believe that the length of the wire could have been a wee bit longer, the magnetic ends of the buds more than make up for this disappointment. Strangely addictive, these magnets hold your earphones when they are just hanging around the neck. These prevent them from slipping off discreetly, which is often the case with many of its contemporaries. This ease of usage allows you to use them for your morning run, without with fear of losing your precious. Trust us, we have tried it with the uphill run, uncontrolled slope down and the mindless meandering as well. These earphones stay absolutely put!

The Verdict

Though it can work a bit towards these minor shortcomings and more audio clarity, it is easily one of the most efficient of its kind in the 6k range. The snazzy pouch adds to the charm and not to forget, makes it a lot easier to carry it out around without the constant fear of losing them. You can be a proud owner of the TAGG Sports+ for an efficient and seamless experience and won’t be disappointed.

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