Smartphone Resale Value: iPhone Tops, Android Lags

Smartphone Resale Value: iPhone Tops, Android Lags

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 09 February 2012, 09:06 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: The best indicator of a product’s quality is its resale value, therefore the depreciation rate of all the smartphones can’t be same; after one year iPhones has a resale value of 63 percent while Android phones has a resale value of 46 percent and Blackberry has 42 percent resale value, according to a study Y Combinator second-hand price guide startup Priceonomics.

The study states that after six months an iPhone can claim 89% of their original MSRP, but Androids value drops to just 66%. The study is not considering the high price of iPhone, the economical price of Androids or the price difference over the region, it’s just concentrating on the hardware component value.

Priceonomics says “We examined all iPhone models and the 70 most popular Androids and 30 most popular BlackBerry models. iPhone is wiping the floor with Android and BlackBerry in terms of resale value.”

The study concludes that there is a beautiful and liquid secondary market for phones, and in that market, the iPhone reigns supreme.  Therefore buying an iPhone is a better economic decision than an Android or BlackBerry. If you buy an iPhone, down the line you will have a piece of hardware that still has economic value.

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Reader's comments(1)
1: No match with iPhone's hardware, but there should be some consideration to the affordability Androids too.
Posted by:Pritham - 09 Feb, 2012

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