Now All Cell Phones to Have Panic Button for Women's Safety

BENGALURU: Union Minister Maneka Gandhi makes announcement of addition of panic button to all cell phones, in order to help women in distress. All new and old phones will be included as a part of this plan.

Maneka Gandhi, minister for women and child development elaborated the plan in the Lok Sabha as "Every cell phone will have an in-built panic button. Now, all new cell phones will be made with panic buttons. But in case of all old cell phones, you can go to the person who owns the company or the dealer and they will adjust it for you. If a woman is in trouble, she can just press the button on the cell phone and she will immediately get help.''

Sources confirm that on pressing the button for some seconds it would call a pre-determined number that the user can fed in the device beforehand. The plan will be executed by the next six months as WCD and the telecom industry is already working on this.

In the speech, Maneka made mentions about safety of women and the related growing up crime rates. The government accepts the deteriorating condition of women across the country and is asserting steps to improve them.

Maneka made mention of special police volunteers in every village, women's helplines in states and panic buttons in mobiles as initial measures to enhance women safety across the nation. 10 women crisis centres are set and 660 more will come up to help women of India. The daily activities of these centres will be monitored as they extend free medical, legal and police help to women.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2015 of the World Economic Forum ranks India in the 108th position in terms of improvement. The country advanced from 114th position out of 145 countries in 2014.

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