Mivi Saxo: An Unbounded Musical Experience

Being confined by the limitations of immobility is old school!! Things have gone from immobile to mobile and now the latter has taken a step forward by stepping into the wireless paradigm. In this world of entanglement, who needs the bother of wires and connections when you can easily connect at the tap of a button and enjoy the experiences of life, wire free! Swimming in sync with the current tide of fluid mobility is Mivi Saxo Bluetooth Speakers. Rated 4.5 stars at Amazon, 4 stars at Flipkart and 4 stars at Techdipper, this nifty headphones is slowly ebbing its way into the crowd of A-listers. Read on to find out what we think about these headphones and whether or not, they are tailor-made for our readers’ requirements.

Musically Convenient

Mivi Saxo headphones, launched in Dec, 2017 are the perfect companion for a music aficionado with a traveller’s heart. With an aesthetic appeal maxed to the peak, the headphones provide you the comfort of a light plastic with a leather finish look. The music quality of the headphones is pretty commendable except the sound bleed at high volume that often results in you sharing your musical taste with others in vicinity. However, with these headphones, you can easily enjoy clear voice calls quality with noise cancellation to about 90 percent of the ambient noise and easy Bluetooth connection to your phone that doesn’t go lapse at a mere distance of five feet.

If you are an urban resident, subjected to daily commute and rush, Mivi is the perfect solution to your crisis as its snug but light on the head, clasps on your ears firmly, without a hint of pain. All thanks to the soft, sturdy cushions that can help the headphones last for hours without hurting your ears. Speakers that turn frontward add to the brownie points as it makes wearing them around the neck so easy and since they are flexible enough to further fold in, you can run behind that bus without the fear of losing them to the puddle. 

Connectivity is like all other headphones, hold on button for five seconds until the light starts blinking blue-red and hit connect on your phone. You can control the incoming and outgoing of your calls with the buttons on the headset that can, of course, be used for regulating your music as well. The 3.5 mm wire provided can be used post the battery drain and this is what sets these headphones apart from the competition. 

Talking about battery, the battery power on these headphones is impressive! A three-hour plug in can last your headphones for an entire week. Priced at 2,999, the Mivi headphones can give a stiff competition to its contemporary players in this budget bracket. However, Mivi comes without a carrying case which drops the notion a couple of notches and can play against the product’s goodwill. All in case, the Mivi headphones are good to carry and sturdy enough against the abrasion, save for the few backlogs that can be negated on a daily use.

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