HTC To Launch New 4G VoLTE Smartphones Priced Between Rs.10,000 And Rs.30,000

HTC To Launch New 4G VoLTE Smartphones Priced Between Rs.10,000 And Rs.30,000

Friday, 19 May 2017, 10:51 Hrs
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TAIPEI: Premium smartphone maker HTC ?plans to launch new Desire series 4G VoLTE smartphones in the price band of Rs.10,000-30,000 in India but said that it won't sell any device below Rs.10,000 a unit. HTC also said it will focus on improving its brand perception in India for getting a "fair share" in the high-end mobile phone segment that is dominated by Samsung and Apple at present. 

"Our brand in India is still solid good. We have lot of things to improve upon (there)," Chialin Chang, the President of smartphone and connected devices, HTC, said. 

He said that by premium brand he means a brand which delivers as per its promise, good design, durability, security users experience, services and continues to involve consumers with experience. 

"One thing we are lucky that young Indian consumers like our design. I noticed this in the historical data," he said. 

As per a CyberMedia Research mobile brand perception report released in February, when customers were asked about names of successful premium smartphones brands, "almost all respondents (97 pct) recalled Samsung. Apple and HTC secured 85 pct and 78 pct recall respectively." 

"HTC's overall market share in the first quarter of 2017 was around 0.26 pct. HTC's market share in above Rs.50,000 price band in Q1, 2017 was 1.82 pct," the report by CyberMedia Research said. 

Chang said that India is very open market and the company is not encountering any problem in doing business. However, it is a challenge for the company to get mindshare of premium phone buyers. 

"So far we are not encountering anything that is challenging for us there (India). I think as a whole India is a very open market. Just imagine it is flooded with all the Chinese brands. If India is not open how can you get that many Chinese brand in there. 

"Challenge for us is, I think, India market will evolve. How do we capture the premium in this market and create a halo in this environment would be quiet important," Chang said. 

He said that there has been issues in distribution network of the company with competitors offering more margin to channel partners. 

"If you ask me personally, because of the flurry of competition, and channels requiring different margin and competition offering lot more, that we see is creating a tougher competitive environment. 

"We recognise that. We actually have global pricing same. It is all the mark up getting earned in that country that is why you see retail price difference," Chang said. 

However, as per a company official, HTC plans to sell the device in Europe for around 750 euros or about Rs.54,000 a unit. The company is yet to decide on the smartphone's price for the Indian market. 
Chang said that HTC has been doing good business in Rs.20,000-25,000 price range segment. 

"We used to do decent around Rs.15,000 price range. Now with all the competition, people who buy device for around 15,000 now look at specifications first. 

"That creates some challenges. I know a competitor phone selling just because they have 20 megapixel in the front. That consumer would gradually come to know what is good for them or not. India market is very key for us," Chang said. 

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Source: IANS
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