Apple Silently killed these 11 Ultimate products

Apple Silently killed these 11 Ultimate products

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 29 September 2014, 11:59 Hrs
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BANGALORE: Apple has come a long way from its early days of Apple iPod Classic. After the launch of the latest Apple iPhone 6, the world is now looking forward to iPhone 7 with a lot of expectations.

Apple has always set the trend in the gadget world, from our favorite iPod Classic which is still the only iPod using ‘Click Wheel’ to the latest iPhone 6.

After this stupendous iPhone 6 launch, the loyal Apple fans have realized that iPod classic is no longer available for purchase in the market. Not just that, there are ten other products, which Apple has killed quietly. These products have been chronologically included in the list compiled by Business Insider.

The list of Apple products to reach the end of its life is as follows:

iPod Classic:

There were times when iPods were ubiquitous; people could be spotted with their iPods in large crowd because of its unique identity. iPod Classic’s debut was a few months after the first iPhone in 2007, and it was the only iPod to use the 'click wheel.’

iPod Classic has been Apple’s core product for over ten years despite its declining sales. But it seems to be antiquated with Apple’s big screen Smartphones, which is why it no longer survived the market. As Apple’s Web Store came back online, Classic vanished.

“Newer generations may not miss you, iPod classic, but you will not be forgotten”–Apple.

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