Altec Lancing Re-launched In India With Its New Range Of Bluetooth Speakers

BENGALURU: Altec Lancing is the most popular name around when it comes to personal music experience. The brand has been licensed in India by Trade Bazaar which is a part of the Konark group, and will be sold online via Flipkart, and after a short delay, the products will also be available offline at stores such as Croma and Reliance Digital, according to

Altec Lansing’s main focus is on its new line of products which is solely based around durability of products to connect with its target audience group aged between 18 and 35, along with quality of service and after-sales assistance and also future plans to Make in India. While Make in India plans are not for fruition at the instant, the base for the venture is firmly chalked out.

However, Make in India plans for Altec Lansing will commence only after 18 months, and also after Altec consolidates its position in the market. At present, Altec Lansing is launching in India with a range of Bluetooth speakers starting with the waterproof Mini H2O speaker at 3,600 but also including the rugged Mini Lifejacket 2 and Lifejacket 2 at 8,000 and 14,000 respectively, which are described as "everything proof" and the Boomjacket at 18,000 which is even bigger and still as durable.

With companies like JBL, Sennheiser and Bose holding the top level in the audio segments, it will be interesting to see how Altec Lansing aims to recapture its users in India. At present, the company will be importing the speakers at present, with plans to work with Altec Lansing to have a make in India solution in the future. So that the speakers can be made entirely in the country there are no specific plans in place.

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