9 Never Known Android Gadgets

Bangalore: The campaigner who leads Google’s plans on world domination is none other than Android, the world’s most popular mobile OS. Android is slowly widening its reach to many devices which never required an OS to work.

You might be thinking about the Android powered laptops and cameras. But that’s not all, manufacturers are bringing the power of this OS to many other devices. Here is a compilation by the Times Of India on 9 devices, you never knew are running on Android.

#9 Android washing machine

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant had recently showcased an internet connected washing machine running on Android.

The front loading washing machine which can carry 12 Kg of maximum weight has a touch panel on top. It can be controlled fron a Smartphone or a Tablet with the help of an app. Processes like washing, rinsing and spinning can be controlled using the phone and the machine will notify user when it finishes the work.

Samsung is expected to launch the device later this year. Adding to it, companies like LG and Panasonic also has plans on making the same.