7 Nokia Surprises Expected In 2014

#4 Nokia spinel

According to serial leakster @evleaks James Bond inspired codenamed ‘Spinel’ could be Asha 230. There is rumor that in parallel to the word meaning of ‘Spinel’which means a combination of magnesium and aluminum and that the phone will be endorsed with a metal-clad similar to Lumia 925.There is not much details on the specs and date of launching the device.

#3 Nokia Goldfinger

The tech world were busy buzzing that Nokia is working on revamped Windows 8.1. Recently giving hope to all tech savvies @evleaks has revealed that Nokia’s Moneypenny and Goldfinger will be equipped with the said OS .It’s interesting that both the codenames are linked to James Bond movies. The Goldfinger will come with a Nokia 3D technology, reports The Verge. It comes with a hand gesture support which will let users to navigate on a phone without touching the display.

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