7 Hidden Facts About Wearable Computers

BANGALORE: As the years pass by, the advancement in technology is taking huge steps and growing rapidly across the world. After the enormous success of the Smartphone industry, the wearable devices designed to counter this is rising with the trend. With the popularity and hype of these devices comes the negativity factor. So, read on to find out about some wearable gadgets with their down sides, as compiled by the computerworld.

# Wearable Cameras can invade privacy: Wearable cameras like Narrative Clip are tiny, automatic ones that take pictures of everything around and can store thousands of photos. The user needs to just clip the device on the shirt front, tie, or a handbag to click pictures where it will be stored on the cloud or the user’s website. This could be an invasion of privacy of any individual who would become the unfortunate victim of being photographed without their knowledge.

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