7 Wacky High-Tech Home Gadgets

Bangalore: Technology and high-end gadgetries are not limited to computing devices and smartphones. Your home appliances like fridge, washing machines and even the sprinkler in your garden can be clubbed and controlled with you smart-devices to give a geeky edge to your way of living. Have look at these interesting gadgets which you can think of having in your home to make you life easier, crazier and greener.

1. Twine

Get a Text When your Cloths are Dry

Twine is a tiny device that connects our physical environment to the digital world in a simple and graceful way. This is a 2.5-inch square of blue acrylic which looks like a bar of luxury soap. It consists of board with a bunch of sensors with inputs for external sensors. If you place this device in your garden it will notify you with change in whether and will also alert you when your cloths are dry.  It alerts you via text, e-mail, or Twitter. You can set the device as per your requirement, like to alert when the front door is open, when it’s going to rain and when you cat’s bowl is empty.