7 Unique & New Gizmos to Look Out for in 2016


Shiftwear, a new-gen shoes, can change its colors, designs, patterns and so on that can be customized via its Android, Windows or iOS app. Its Kevlar fiber-coated soles make it durable, while its waterproof design (up to 5m) will let you gambol in the rain without damaging the displays. Each pair is powered by batteries that are rated to last 30 days without a recharge and can be charged wirelessly.

Smart Egg

With this Smart Egg you can control all the remote controlled devices in your house by just using your phone. You just have to pair this device with your Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth and then find the device you want to control like TV, AC and so on with your smartphone. It also comes with a built-in timer and smart features such as auto mute the TV when you get a call, monitor AC temperatures, and more.
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