7 Hidden Facts About Wearable Computers

# Smart Watches: Smart watches like the Samsung galaxy gear or the Pebble could soon add to the security threats for the enterprise organizations. These devices work with the Bluetooth enabled Smartphone allowing its users to view the notifications and applications on it. The smart watch which lets you access the data on a Smartphone could sooner or later open its doors to the hackers to view the enterprise data and applications used by them. Experts say that these devices have to be part of the security management.

# Wearable police cams:These devices help the police to record the video and audio of the interaction between the people with the moments around. The cameras can be attached to the police officer’s glasses or the collar providing information on the situations or encounters done by the police forces. Some of them also allow the video to be streamed on the Bluetooth enabled devices, butthe main problem on the device would be the feature to edit the videos or for mass surveillance.

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