6 Smartwatches Pitched Against Galaxy Gear

#1 Cookoo

The COOKOO is a  smartwatch and a Kickstarter project. It combines an analog movement with a digital display to keep users tuned in with their Smartphones. This watch can display incoming calls, Facebook messages and posts, Twitter mentions, reminders, Google Voice, SMSs, emails, alarm, calendar reminders, and low battery – all via big, visual icons on the watch face. The device has waterproofing to 100 feet and equipped it with a 1-year long, Bluetooth-connected battery life – a welcome change from the typical week-or-two smart watch charge cycle.

Unlike other smart watches, such as the Sony SmartWatch, Pebble, Galaxy Gear, the Cookoo is fairly feature-limited. But the company hopes to make up for the comparable lack of functionality with a beautiful design, outstanding battery life and the low price of $129.

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