5 Best Feature Phones Under 5000

Bangalore: Besides looking at Smartphones and their majestic displays, feature phones also constitute a larger segment of consumption.
Sadly, some manufacturers compromise on the quality of the phones when budget is a question, while some others deliver good ones with no compromise in quality or build..
Here is a list of 5 feature phones that come under 5000 for best usage and affordability as compiled by The Mobile Indian.

#5 Micromax X396

If you are looking for touch screen phones in this category, you may find some of them where touch response is not optimal. But Micromax X396 seems to be an exceptional phone with a better touch experience. Besides this, there are other features which make it a better handset in this category. It has a 0.3 mega pixel camera which records both images and videos, though not much can be expected in terms of quality.
The connectivity features of this phone are WAP, GPRS for internet browsing, with USB interface and Bluetooth for file transfers. The phone also has a 1050 mAh battery, FM Radio and 16 GB expandable memory. You can grab the Micromax X396 for 2380.

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