10 Most Expensive Android Apps In The World

Bangalore: The number of android apps in Google Play has crossed 1 million and is still growing strong. Even though you don’t require a penny to download most of these apps, there are a few that comes with jaw dropping price tags, and the fun is, most of them are just of no use!

Here are the 10 most expensive apps on the Android platform.   

#10 I’m Rich!! (White Diamond)
Price: 7886

‘I’m Rich!!’ is a non-functional app to décor your Android device’s desktop to show the wealth., This interesting app gives you a white diamond picture on the desktop with ‘I’m Rich’ under it.  Well, at 7886, are you expecting something more? No, that’s it! The description of the app says ‘Diamond is a symbol of love, brave, power, status, dignity and loyalty.’ If you are still interested to show off your wealth then you can purchase the VIP version of ‘I’m Rich’ to get a black diamond instead of white, at 12133. So, if you have enough money then say hi to I’m Rich!!

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