10 Worst Android Smartphones Ever

10 Worst Android Smartphones Ever

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 09 May 2013, 12:22 Hrs   |    6 Comments
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Bangalore: The first mobile phone came to India in 1995 with minimal features. From then on, we’ve been seeing multiple innovations that brought in phone makers from all over the world setting new benchmarks to compete in order to make the best handset. We have innumerable devices that never run out of choice today. Recently, we’ve been seeing the best Android devices that took our eyes off. Now let’s see the ones that created history for being the worst as listed out by Android Authority.

#10 LG Optimus 3D

LG Optimus 3D was the first Smartphone featuring 3D display. The device’s bland hardware design and old version Android operating system made it too slow to get in to the hands of many. Besides this, poor battery life and insensitivity to touches posed a feeling of regret to the buyers. The device was also slow to get unlocked and came bloated with a lot of unnecessary software.

# 9 Motorola Backflip

Motorola Backflip comes with a screen that flips around from behind the keyboard which is always exposed. Though the phone holds this difference, it feels strange in the hand as there isn’t a smooth back for the phone. The device is tall but a little thicker to be fitted inside a pocket.

The screen is of 3.1 inches lacks the usual brightness that comes in other competing devices. We find a 528 MHz processor that is too slow and the device claims a short battery life of 1400 mAh.

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Reader's comments(6)
1: Samsung Galaxy Y Plus is the worst phone ever.

Features a 2.8 in screem and running Android 4.0(ICS), it does not even do the basic job of calling properly.

Additionally, the phone is prone to hanging and has a very poor battery life that lasts less that 5 hours on full charge.
Posted by:Arnab - 11 Apr, 2014
2: iPhone 5 is on the top list in today's market - worst phone ever !! :(

Posted by:danish - 14 Oct, 2013
you should say All Samsung galaxy s series. its stupid because all s series looks similar
Vishnu Menon Replied to: danish - 19 Jul, 2015
4: you should hav added all sony xperia.....n specially xperia U....not idiotic mobile ever... 4 gb memory datz it....5 mp cam...good to click photos for voter id...1000s of hardware trouble.hedset given was de normal one not de vacum..speaker volume de lowest...n price when 1 bought 1 yr ago..was rs14000 is doest deserves 14 rs also de call it smart fone....is it...single sim...scumbox...
Posted by:prakhar - 11 Sep, 2013
5: This article has bad spelling, bad grammar, and bad errors. For example, the LG Optimus 3D was not the first phone with a parallax display. The HTC Evo 3D was.
Posted by:Alex - 01 Jul, 2013
6: Not really felt the article to be worthy enough trying to compare thing of the past to future. Some of the handsets of the past are being blamed to have below par on the basis of their hardware but the person is not taking into consideration the time they were launched (around 2009-10) when android just started catching up and 600-800 Mhz were considered to be fine, and one with a 1GHz single core was considered to be the top of line phone.
Posted by:Anuj Kapoor - 09 May, 2013