10 Ways How Galaxy S4 Beats iPhone 5

10 Ways How Galaxy S4 Beats iPhone 5

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 25 March 2013, 13:02 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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Bangalore: The mobile world is changing at an exceedingly rapid rate, and right now, Samsung has grabbed the high ground in its rivalry with Apple. From its hands-free features to its seeming ability to know what the user wants to do before he or she actually does something, Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the Smartphone that the mobile market has been waiting for years and when the newbie is matched up against the veteran, iPhone, the oldie is found lacking and need more while the Galaxy SIV surpasses all.

#10 Sheer Size

Apple’s iPhone 5 comes with a 4-inch screen—which is cute—but is much, much smaller than the 5-inch display in the Galaxy S 4. Higher quality, more apps will fit in one page, more screen space for videos and movie experience, your pictures will be more life sized and all this because of a whole inch extra inch of screen size that the Galaxy S4 gives you.

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Reader's comments(4)
1: Why didn't you include the number of apps between the two? I've been handling a lot of phones from apple and samsung. Both are good for daily usage. And why didn't you know that androids are prone to virus! Where ios doesn't even had a single virus? Sure there are a lot of new smartphones that are being released nowadays where screen size is within 4 to 6 inches and ppi is...... WELL you know. Now the question is... Why stick to 64GB. Where Terra-bytes are a must space?
Posted by:UdontSay - 01 Apr, 2013
2: apple took ideas from other companies and launched its products by adding some extra features. then paid money to media companies like cnn and guess what. everyone thought apple did some invention. now apple is bullying all others and not allowing others to come up.
Posted by:kapil - 29 Mar, 2013
3: What worse is that we are paying the same amount for a bloody phone which requires so much from us like downloading itunes and stuff and even after that you cannot do anything outside apple's cage. to top that nonsense iphone is dual core when all other phones which run on android and windows phone 8 are quadcore and have way better hardware capabilities than a rotten iphone. I'm with you Shubs.
Posted by:Jubs - 26 Mar, 2013
4: Apple iphone is one rotton apple with a worm speaking to us and wont let us have for what we pay .
Posted by:shubs - 25 Mar, 2013