10 Most Useful Business Apps

# 9 Seatguru

An app released from the creators of TripAdvisor; is a useful tool for the travelers. The app is considered to be the best source for choosing seat availability and airfares. The users can also avail to real-time flight status along with the free Seatguru app which also provides seating advice, in-flight amenity information and airline recommendations. Interestingly, it also works with flights in India too. The app is freely available for iOS and Android.

# 8 CheckMark

A brilliant to-do app which works based on the location. It makes life a lot simpler by setting time-based or location-based reminders. The interface is kept simple to make it more user-friendly. The user can set up a new reminder with just 3 taps, but they are a bit time consuming to set up. Initially create a location in the app and then choose the location on the map and set a reminder for the specific location. When the user reaches that particular location, he will receive a notification. It is a downloadable version for iOS only.