10 Most Expensive Android Apps In The World

#3 Zollinger's Atlas of Surgery

Price: 10,000

Medical emergency has no specific time and in case it occurs, we should know to tackle it, if not professionally, at least properly. Zollinger's Atlas of Surgery is known as the gold-standard reference for learning how to do the common surgical procedures in a safe and professional way. Based on the ninth edition of Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operations by McGraw-Hill, this app provides 1600 color-highlighted illustrations that describe each and every action a surgeon need to consider while performing an operation. The best thing is you can view the full app without any internet connection.

#2 Emergency Central
Price: 9740

Another expensive Android app is Emergency Central. This app provides information on diseases, drugs, symptoms, test reports and more. As medical emergency is an uninvited guest, who comes anytime at anyplace, this app makes you aware of some immediate actions and remedies. This is actually a useful app to buy at a price of 9740.

#1 Med School Loan Viewing App 1k

Price: 10,000

A medical student in USA has developed this app to give detailed idea on the education loan and debts the students may face by enrolling their names into a medical college. Many medical students worry about the student loans and the amount of debt they may face in future. But if you are a medical aspirant, do not fret! You can download the app ‘Med School Loan Viewing App 1k’ to calculate the amount beforehand. Alas! The number of downloads still stuck at zero because of dull outlook, as per Google Play Store records.

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