10 Best Fitness Gadgets for 2012

8. Striiv Pedometer Gadget:

This is a cute little fitness tracking device which gives you fine details and readings about how much you move during the day with the use of basic pedometer. This device can slip into your pocket, you can use it as a key chain, it comes with a color screen, and it lets you play games and even encourages you to be active throughout the day. Price: $99.


9. Valencell's in-ear Fitness Monitoring Device:

Valencell showcased this fitness device which uses in-ear technology to give the perfect reading from the data within your ear at CES 2012. This device is engineered with Valencell’s V-LINC sensor technology; this is the only technology which comprises of earbud-based continuous heart rate monitoring technology proven accurate during exercise and in any other physical environment or condition.   It also measures personalized health and fitness data such as metabolic rate and cardiovascular fitness. This fitness monitoring device will be available in exclusive retail stores by the end of this year.