10 Amazing Smartphones that Just Got Cheaper

10 Amazing Smartphones that Just Got Cheaper

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 17 December 2012, 13:31 Hrs   |    13 Comments
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Bangalore: Smartphones and tablets have now become a priority in our lives. The traditional custom of looking at the sun immediately after waking up has slowly changed and has now been replaced by smart phones. We wake up first looking for the phone, checking the to-do list, using it as a device to measure our exercise and diet habits, book a cab to commute to office and for almost every purpose we tend to look at our phone for help. To make things simpler for us makers of mobile devices have revised the prices of their smart phones making it accessible and affordable to all. Read on to know the price and features of those smart phones that you don’t want to miss, as reported by TOI.

Launch price: Rs 36,000
Now available for: Rs 29,899

This device is considered to be the flagship product of the company. It was launched in India with a price tag of Rs.36,000 but has now faced a price cut. It is currently available in the market for a nominal price Rs.29,899. This 4.7 inch Super IPS LCD2 touch screen phone comes with great operational features including screen resolution of 1280x720-pixels. HTC One X runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) but can be upgraded to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

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Reader's comments(13)
1: Siliconindia even i would be very grateful if you could tell me the same. i bot an S 111 today it was still 35,000... in case u find ur source from where u lifted the prices pls tell us. we would love to buy s iii for 27
Posted by:renita - 02 Jan, 2013
Note2 is 29,900.... what are u guys up to....its 37,000 FYI even in samsung store... seeing ur article i actually went out to find that price and became a laughing stock in many shops.... do u guys even bother about ur readers...dont u owe them well researched articles.
Tim Replied to: renita - 02 Jan, 2013
3: Silicon India I will be really very grateful if you could tell me where I can get S3 for 27,000. No where in India I can find that price.
Posted by:srinu - 26 Dec, 2012
4: really...RESEARCH .... whts with the SIII and S III page?
please siliconindia can u tell me where i can get an s 3 for 27,000...i would be eternally grateful if you did!
Posted by:Sonia - 24 Dec, 2012
5: Wasted my time....crap article
Posted by:Suresh - 21 Dec, 2012
6: http://sapboonlinetrainings.com/
Posted by:madhukar - 19 Dec, 2012
7: sapboonlinetrainings.com
Posted by:madhukar - 19 Dec, 2012
8: v.true...i am not getting SIII in Rs.27900 anywhere in India atleast in todays date(19-dec-12)..kindly revise the blogs prices
Posted by:Kunal Ahuja - 18 Dec, 2012
9: This is fake article.
All the prices are not justified.
No proper research done for this article.
Posted by:Abhishek - 18 Dec, 2012
10: The statements regarding the prices seems to be incorrect for Samsung Galaxy SII SIII and Note 2. SII was launched at an approx Price of Rs 30000 SIII at Rs 38000 and Note 2 at Rs 38500. Now their available at SII 24500 SIII 33500 Note 2 at 36000 and Note I at 29900.
Posted by:Devesh - 18 Dec, 2012
Yeah True that needs to be corrected, just confirmed the price as well
Nitesh Replied to: Devesh - 26 Dec, 2012
True, the prices mentioned for samsung galaxy and note 2 are incorrect.
Apurva Replied to: Devesh - 18 Dec, 2012
i dnt see these prices across india ..i am astonished by seeing these prices in silicon india ..
if siliconindia can provide the details where these phones are available at these prices , every one in india will appreciate ...
bala Replied to: Apurva - 18 Dec, 2012

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