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Eat Social

Eat Social

  About the Company

 India is a place where most people believe    in home cooked food. People not only enjoy the food cooked at home but they also relish its taste better than any other meal. While most people like healthy home cooked meal, cooking food at home can be time-consuming, often eating up the core hours which a family can use for spending time together. Sharing food is kind of unwritten law for bonding in India. Taking this notion into consideration Dhanashri Kulkarni, Jalpa Khatri and Rajnish Rawat came up with the idea of Eat Social, a platform that connects Home Chefs and Home Food Lovers. Based out of Bangalore, Eat Social gets you the tastiest home cooked food you can get.

The Home Chefs in the neighborhood put up their meals (lunch and dinner) on the Eat Social app the previous day. You can see the menus of different home chefs and order the food according to one’s taste and mood. The Home Chefs prepare extra portions based on the order and Eat Social informs its customers when the food is ready. All the customers need to do is to go across and pick up the food from their neighborhood, unpack and enjoy!

The tangible unique benefit that Eat Social offers to its consumers is the assurance that it is tasty home food cooked in a similar kitchen like theirs in their neighborhood cooked by Home Chefs, together with the food they have cooked for their children and family. The food served here is hygienic, less oily, made with healthy ingredients and without color and soda. The intangible benefit that Eat Social provides its customers is that it gives them time for themselves which is otherwise taken by cooking three meals a day. It gives them freedom to pursue the things that they feel passionate about.


Some of the major services offered by Eat Social are –

1. Genuine home cooked food

2. Authentic regional cuisines

3. Large Variety of cuisines – one can try a new cuisine every day

4. No minimum order required

5) Healthy and hygienic

6) Home chefs can be clients and clients can become chefs without any obligation or contracts

Differentiating Factors

Eat Social is very different from all the restaurant delivery and central kitchen delivery services as it offers home food to its consumers while most food suppliers offer commercial kitchen food. The main differentiating factor is the cooking style, the ingredients used, health benefits that home food provides and the love and the affection that a homemaker sprinkles in their food. Keeping up with its inception objectives, Eat Social is committed to bring the right home chefs who can get the tastiest home food to the consumer’s dining tables.

Organizational Culture

Eat Social successfully solves two major problems of the women - time for themselves, earning opportunity for them. The firm is committed to the genuineness of the food, making every best attempt to deliver appetizing home food to its customers. The team at Eat Social comprises of over 50 best-in town chefs who are passionate about cooking and hold the magic to cook the tastiest food for its guests. Eat Social’s cooks are also skilled enough to cook various authentic regional cuisines, giving the consumers of Bangalore the chance to enjoy a scrumptious meal with the best of regional taste that might remind them of good home food prepared by their mothers.

Harboring Innovation

Delivery has been the biggest challenge faced by Eat Social through the course of its inception. Finding people or agencies for delivery is always a difficult job while it is also an expensive proposition. It seems more expensive when the food itself is very economical. The highly creative team worked towards subsidizing some parts of delivery cost till date so that customers do not feel the pinch of high delivery costs.  After the launch of its services in North Bangalore, Eat Social arranged to pick up fresh cooked food from the home chefs house and delivered it directly to customer’s house. This however turned out to be a difficult and expensive promise to live up to. However, despite the stumbling blocks, today Eat Social has been successfully meeting all the expectations of its customers. The home chefs and the delicious food served by Eat Social has never failed to meet a happy customer.

Eat Social’s core competency is to get the best of home chefs on its platform, the chefs who are passionate about cooking and sharing food with likeminded people. Chefs who can cook the tastiest cuisines you have eaten.  With a USP is to provide healthy, hygienic genuine home cooked food, Eat Social believes that nothing is healthier than homemade food.

Go-to-Market Plans

Today, a renowned name in food delivery sector, Eat Social now plans to launch its services all over the Bangalore. The company also wishes to spread its wings across 2 more cities by end of this year and aims to be in top 25 cities of India by end of the next year. Firm is also contemplating the launch of Eat Social in couple of other cities globally as the company has received huge request from its friends and acquaintances from across the world.

In terms of product road map, Eat Social is working on two products, one is home dining i.e. similar to going to restaurants. The company would get its home chefs open up their houses for home dining. But it will be restricted to only friends and friends’ friends. The other product that Eat Social is working on is homemade but packed snacks that will be available through its App and also through retail outlets.

Quick Facts

  1. Year of Inception – April 2016
  1. Funding Information - Self Funded
  1. Founding Members – Dhanashri Kulkarni, Jalpa Khatri, Rajnish Rawat
  1. Office Location – Bangalore
  1. Total Headcount – 10
  1. Website –