How These Rich Techies Spend Their Vacation

Bangalore: Who doesn’t like to escape from a stressful life? Visiting tourist places, partying hard with friends and going out on weekends, is what we do to chill ourselves. But some tech’s multi-millionaires please their mind and soul by spending their leisure time on golf courses, next to the ocean, and on islands they own. Here is list of such five Techs’ Wealthiest people who spend their vacation in extravagance, as reported by Born

1. Bill Gates

Bill gates has earned fortune from his largest software company Microsoft.  Bill’s, the Microsoft Guru, sometimes in search of eternal peace, he travels to calm and isolated places. He owns the largest island in republic of Belize; The Grand Bugue Island. This inviting piece of land is known for its splendid beaches and an astounding variety of marine life, which includes colorful sponges, sparkling starfish and dolphins. Well, Bill’s favorite holiday getaway is the Apussuit Adventure Camp; an isolated skiing resort located in West Greenland.

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