Group Health Insurance: A Healthy plan for a healthier Workforce

Group Health Insurance: A Healthy plan for a healthier Workforce

No denying the fact that the world could never forget what covid has done to mankind and the drastic period it has posed over industries. However, the health insurance segment was a big exception and has grown exponentially since the pandemic. This massive growth is attributed to the growing awareness and health consciousness among the consumer chain post-pandemic and this has fuelled the penetration of health insurance in Tier-II towns and cities, and there is a visible growth in Tier-I too. In order to respond to this ever-shifting environment and to improve the overall quality of both physical and mental health today, many leading industry players and startups are diving into the insurance sector and operating with high-tech solutions to foster the utmost customer satisfaction.

With the advent of covid work-from-home option was introduced and people continued their work in the comfort of their homes and improved efficiency even in tough times. While trying to get accustomed to this new normal at some level their health has taken a hit. Moreover, the fear and worry over the loved one’s health condition have augmented mental stress. To address these employee needs, today’s organizations leverage robust employee benefits programs to foster flexibility, improved mental health, and better employee engagement. And, one such employee benefits program is the Group Health Insurance plan, which provides medical coverage for a group of people. It is usually purchased by companies or organizations to provide additional medical coverage to their employees as a perk because the premium amount of the group medical insurance plan is paid by the employer.*

However, with a 500 million workforce in India, it is surprising to see that only 23 percent of working Indians have an employer-provided group health policy. There is also disparity in coverage between employees who live and work for major city-based companies and those that live in tier-2 and 3 cities and towns. Around 70 percent of employees who work in major cities are covered by group health insurance.*

Criticality of Group Health Insurance in the Post-Pandemic Era

Before the Pandemic, organizations used to make their employees feel contented and productive through social activities like birthday celebrations, nap pods, team retreats, free lunches, and more. However, in this post-pandemic scenario, these all seem inappropriate. That’s why many human resource managers come forward to embrace their employees with extensive health insurance benefits. These insurance policies offer coverage for employees’ health and take care of their family members’ health too which makes them feel valued and esteemed. With such health insurance plans employees engage with their organization in a better way and also achieve their goals in the organization.*

Group Health Insurance: A Healthy plan for a healthier Workforce

Advantages of all-inclusive group health insurance for employees

Today, organizations are offering health insurance for employees in order to promote the betterment and safety of their employees. Here are some benefits that an employee can extract from an employer-offered health insurance policy.*

Free Health Insurance

Employee group health insurance holds a plethora of healthcare advantages in this medical inflation. And the best thing here is, to avail of the benefits of this insurance plan, employees don’t need to pay even a penny from their pockets as the employer here is entirely responsible for the premiums. These insurance plans also offer cover age to their family members. *

Top-Notch Coverage

Even though employees avail group health insurance coverage free of cost, it offers high-quality coverage. A general employee health policy comes with the following features such as cover for hospitalization expenses, no waiting period, COVID-19 coverage, Out-patient Treatment coverage, Free online consultations with doctors, a facility to book various lab tests, and more. *

Maternity &Infant Coverage

A major advantage of the Group Insurance Scheme for employees is that it covers maternity-related expenses (delivery and related medical treatment). Additionally, it also covers the expenses of the newborn up to 90 days.*

Cashless Hospitals

Top insurance companies offering such a cover have tie-ups with hospitals for a streamlined claim-settling process. Due to such a tie-up, the hospital bills are settled smoothly between the insurer and the hospital.*

Preventive Health Care Benefits

Preventive healthcare measures help prevent illnesses and reduce their intensity. Insurers incentivize preventive healthcare initiatives to help their employees maintain a healthy lifestyle. For instance, they can track their fitness routine using apps and unlock rewards for achieving milestones. *


Every government and private organization nowadays offer employee group health insurance plans to ensure the safety and security of their employees. Though previously employee group health insurance was not mandatory in India, owing to this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian government started taking intriguing initiatives to ensure that all Indians must have at least one health insurance policy. With this welcoming step, the government is hoping that every organization will take care of the working population by covering them under this employee all-inclusive health insurance plan.*

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