Better Insurance, for a Better Journey

Better Insurance, for a Better Journey

In today’s date, a vehicle is no longer a lifestyle luxury but is more of a necessity. They make the world move today. Moving forward in this ever-progressive shift, it is more than impossible to evaluate how far mankind is dependable to motor vehicles. Generally speaking, Motor vehicles have essentially become a part of peoples’ personal and professional lives by enhancing mobility and reducingtheir inclination toward public transportation. No denying the fact that driving on Indian roads comes with its own set of risks with a lack of discipline not only among drivers but also among the people who can appear anytime in front of vehicles displaying their palms with a gesture to stop and the bad condition of the roads add fuel to the fire. Moreover, rising traffic, road accidents, cases of theft, and daily bumps and dents are forcing motor owners towards owning motor insurance.A report on road accidents by the Transport Research sector under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways reflects an average of 413 people diedon a daily basis in 2016 as a result of 1,317 road accidents every day. Hence, in order to achieve protection from such unfortunate incidents financially and mentally, investing in Motor Insurance would be a smart choice.*

The joy of being Covered

However, there are several damages that basic motor insurance does not cover. For instance, when a part of a car has to be replacedthe final bill that we get will include not only the cost of the part that was replaced but also the labor charges. Acknowledging the possibility of such situations, insurers introduced a range of add-ons that provide extensive coverage over general motor insurance. This idea was widely accepted and add-ons like zero depreciation, return to invoice, engine protection and more are gaining ground today. Though, there are several add-ons that are not very popular but prove very useful for car owners in crucial times. Let’s find out three of the most underrated add-ons for vehicle owners:*

1. Daily Allowance Add-on

Generally, when a car has to go for repair and you need to manage your transportation for a few days on your own and this certainly refers to depending on public transport for traveling from one place to the other. While using public transport like cabs, busses, or whatsoever, comes with its challenges and charges for the commute. This is where a daily allowance comes into play. It can help you by easing your burden while you bear the cost of repairs. It provides an allowance of up to 500, generally for 14 days but it varies from insurer to insurer. This not only relaxes pocket but also mind. *

Better Insurance, for a Better Journey

2. Loss of Personal Belongings Add-on

Only the thought of a stolen car will leave car owners dismal and in despair. If the vehicle carries any valuable belongings, this becomes more than a nightmare and hits the owner mentally and financially to a whole different level. Though comprehensive car insurance covers the car owner in case of a stolen car, it does not cover the loss of any stolen belongings. A Loss of Personal Belongings add-on proves to be very handy in such situations as it compensates for a car owner’s loss of personal items. This add-on covers electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, and more, with a limit of 25,000 for mobiles and 50,000 for laptops. Additionally, with this add-on, NCB remains unaffected. * 

3. Key Replacement Add-on

Losing the keys is not a matter of consideration as long as they don’t belong to any vehicle.  With the trend of encrypted car keys, most cars today are computer-coded but not pocket friendly. It can prove to be an expensive affair, especially for someone already in distress. These high-to-mid-end locking systems cannot be cracked by local locksmiths and require an authorized manufacturer’s assistance. This cost usually ranges from thousands of rupees and varies from maker to maker. Having a Key Replacement add-on is very crucial in such circumstances as the insurer compensates for the newly replaced key. Some insurers even pay the cost of the installation of a locking system. 

Availing extensive coverage for vehicle protection is the need of the hour today. So, when planning to get a new motor insurance policy or planning to renew an existing policy, it’s a great idea to consider these add-ons for long-term security.*

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