Why India Is Loosing FDI Investments?

Bangalore: Though the Foreign Direct Investment has helped the Indian economy to increase economic growth by dealing with different international products, but over the time India has been going through tough phase to attract further FDI investments into the economy.

Devesh Kapur, director of the Centre for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania, in his column in Business Standard puts lime light on the key aspects on why Foreign Direct Investment is not attracted to India and also the reasons Indians themselves are not willing to start enterprises that will be productive.

The Indian Finance Minister P Chidambaram, during his trip to U.S. and Canada, has been heartily trying to reconstruct the confidence of foreign investors in India. Though the Finance Minister has been trying hard to sell the India story, there are only handful people who actually admit how much the country’s reputation has been damaged and seriousness of the challenges to reconstruct it.

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