Top 5 Celebrity Tax Evaders of All Time

Bangalore: For most of us, the idea of tax payments can bring cold sweats and sleepless nights. Nobody can run away from paying tax, not even hot shot celebrities! Celebrities earn huge money every year and that’s why the government keeps a strong eye on them.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS), revenue service of the United States federal government which has been responsible for collecting tax, has imposed some interests and penalties on few American celebrities who have not filed their tax returns.

Although we open our ears wide and pop some popcorn and hear about celebrities and their spicy gossips, here are some of the biggest celebrity tax evaders listed by Investopedia who got into trouble with IRS.

1. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a singer and an actor from U.S. who rose to fame from his albums Shotgun Willie’ in 1973, ‘Red Headed Stranger’ in 1975 and ‘Stardust’ in 1978, and he was recognized as the most successful celebrities in America.

Nelson began his long history with IRS in 1990 when they reviewed his tax returns and presented him a bill more than $6 million. When IRS noticed that Nelson was not able to pay the bill, they sold all his assets in auctions and froze his bank accounts. However, Nelson paid it after negotiating the bill that was presented by IRS.

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