Stock Market Brokerage Calculator - A Boon to Investors

Stock Market Brokerage Calculator - A Boon to Investors

For an investor to invest, everything has to work in favour of them, and then shall they be pleased to choose an investment option. Prime consideration would be the count of expense they own to the company, including the brokerage charge per transaction.

The metric of calculation used by various companies vary and they impact the overall expense of the transaction, and this is where a brokerage calculator comes handy.

What is Brokerage Calculator in Stock Market?

Stock broking companies provide investment options through various exchanges and a fixed set of charges are levied on transactions, on an individual trade basis. Such charges include the particular broker company’s charge and other set of charges levied on a national basis.

Through the state charges remain the same, the brokerage charge varies, from company to company. This change the overall scenario of cost incurred, and this is where a brokerage calculator comes into the frame.

It lets the investor calculate the total set of charges which would not end up in his profit margin, rather flow out as expense. It lets an individual calculate expenses on a per trade basis.

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How to use brokerage calculator for different Stock Brokers?

Use of brokerage calculator is profitable and taking hold of it is often simple as well. You will not be required to carry the calculation process, which is often very difficult.

Making it seamless for you, we have created all the brokerage calculators you need, and it would also help you have the knowledge of all the broking company’s charge. Here is what you need to know about its usage.

Inputs Details

You will need a set of 4 inputs which would go into the brokerage calculator. Worry not, as they are not complex rather mere numerical you already have your hand upon.

The first input you would need is the buy price, the amount at which you have made the purchase of shares. The second input to be entered is the sell price, i.e. the amount at which you made the sale of the same set of shares.

Next input you would need is the number of share, i.e. the ones which were included in the transaction of buying and selling.

Final input would be to select the state from which you made the transaction.

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Outputs Details

The calculator reveals the charges included in the transaction individually, and you will find the charges of Brokerage, STT, SEBI Turnover Fees, Stamp Duty, Transactional charges, GST, Total brokerage and the total amount of profit or loss made, as a result of the transaction.

The calculator has everything prefixed into it and, built up with all the percentage charge to be incurred. All you need to do is put up the price at which you bought the share, the price at which you sold it, and the number of shares included in the transaction.

Right after you select the state in which the transaction took place, and hit the button calculate, all the outputs as specified above will be displayed to you, in a matter of milliseconds.

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Benefits of Brokerage Calculator Usage

A brokerage calculator may get pretty handy for an investor in many terms. An overall expense scenario can be drafted using a brokerage calculator, marking up the real profit margin and not the estimate expected margin.

There lies a different between the profit made before tax and after tax, and it needs to be drafted for a clear picture to be formed.

  • An advanced formation of strategies is possible, based on which one can easily reach the thereby actual return, excluding all the charges.
  • The turnover you actually earn in return is not the final profit, and is subject to some deductions, which when known in advance can come handy in figuring out the best trade deal.
  • Certain profit demands can be met easily, as the brokerage calculator lets you figure out the trade deal for which the demand is achievable.
  • Various set of buy and sell combinations, alongside different quantities of shares can be evaluated on a quicker basis.


We have added up the brokerage calculators of all the stock broking industries, making it easy for you to find the company you seek to invest with, and get going with the calculations. Follow up with the process of calculations, and carry out the benefits to attain the best use of the calculator.