Salaried Professionals: Watch Out for These Factors

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 30, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: As salaried professionals, we are vulnerable to a host of factors related to our finances. We employees often tend to overlook certain factors in our life, thinking that those factors will only affect other sections of people. This, however, is not true and needs a bit of attention. As people living in this world of fluctuating economies, we have become even more prone to falling prey to certain financial evils. As regular salaried people, it is our duty to make ourselves immune to a few unfortunate yet very real problems of this world. Also, investing money in various fields gets adversely affected when one or more of these factors take a turn for the worse. Since, savings are indirectly linked to investments; our savings get curtailed too in the process. So, here are the 3 factors an employee must pay special attention to, as given by –

1) Inflation –

All of us know that inflation is a necessary evil but this in an aggravated form completely wreaks havoc on our lives. Inflation is needed to an extent for a healthy economy but excess of this is only detrimental. Inflation rates have been going up and down in our country like a see-saw for quite some time now. Presently, food inflation in the country has been negative for the past few months. This is good news for all Indian citizens, especially when it comes to our staples. Another good news is that inflation rates in India are going to plummet by March of this year. This has come as a boon to Indian citizens, who have faced a lot of difficulty due to high inflation rates for the past few years. What comes as a surprise here is that not many changes are being observed in the prices of commodities in the retail shops. One cannot buy oodles of food items now and stock them, just in case the prices go up again. What one can do right now is try and buy stocks of healthy companies. This way one is making good use of the opportunity to invest for the future. Also, one can buy certain items with longer shelf-life now and prepare for the future. Buying items that can be used for everyday purposes at home is also a good deal.

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1: We all need better government representatives for the betterment of the financial status of our country.
Posted by:Richa - 30 Jan, 2012
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