Raksha Bandhan 2018: Secure Your Sister's Future with This Gift

By SiliconIndia   |   Saturday, August 25, 2018
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Raksha Bandhan 2018: Secure Your Sisterís Future with This Gift

This Raksha Bandhan, why not gift something special to your sister? How about a Fixed Deposit investment that secures her well-being and promises prosperity? You can choose from the best investment options for women, to boost your sister's financial health.Create a corpus for her by using instruments such as an FD for women, or SIP that invests in mutual funds, gold ETFs or even property.

This way, you can ensure steady returns for your sister over time. Read on to know how you can do so.

Surprise Her with Regular Interest Income

There are many positive facets to an FD investment such as guaranteed returns, high interest rate and tax exemptions. But, if you plan to gift an FD for women to your sister this Raksha Bandhan, invest in a non-cumulative FD. Unlike cumulative FDs, your sister can access the interest generated on the amount you invest regularly. She can then use the sum to fund her immediate requirements.

Choose a trusted issuer such as Bajaj Finance to maximise the interest returns on an FD for Women. Invest an amount of your choice so your sister earns up to 8.40% interest, while enjoying security owing to ICRA’s MAAA (Stable) and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating.Moreover, you can check the maturity amount in advance by using the FD calculator. Enter the FD interest rate, your chosen investment amount, the tenor, and the type of FD to determine results.

Secure Her Future Needs with Gold ETFs

The value of gold jewellery depreciates over time. So, instead of gifting your sister a piece of jewellery, gift her gold ETFs. Here, every unit of ETF is equivalent to the current value of 99.9% pure gold. So, much like buying scrips, in case of ETFs you will be buying paper gold.

The contract for your purchase specifies the units that you buy, and once you gift this ETF to your sister, she can hold on to it and sell it when the market conditions are favourable to earn a tidy profit. Choosing gold ETFs also allows you to give your sister the gift of liquidity as well. She can sell units whenever she wishes to or in situations when she needs funds immediately.

Give Her a Chance to Fulfil Her Goals With Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a good way to gift your sister an investment that she can use to finance a vacation, a property purchase, or any other short- or long-term goal. You can park your funds in mutual funds for a tenor of your choice, and benefit from interest amounting to over 10–12%.

If you’re unsure of which mutual fund you should choose, take expert help and park your money in the right mutual fund for a substantial tenor. This will ensure that your sister benefits from higher returns due to rupee cost averaging.

Gift Her Government Bond To Help With Generating Capital

The Government of India and its allied companies such as the Indian Railways, NTPC, UTI, and many others release bonds at regular intervals with an intention of raising funds for infrastructural development and social welfare. If you are looking to build a corpus of funds for your sister, gift her a bond. These bonds are backed by the government and so are completely safe, and offer fixed return on maturity. Most of these bonds offer a minimum of 8% interest for a tenor of 6–15 years.

A gift like this one will never go out of fashion. Instead, its value will only increase as time passes. So, this Raksha Bandhan, give investing in your sister's financial future serious thought.

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