Nations Facing Acute Financial Threats

8. India

Average percentage of businesses struggling for funds: 54

India is a major name in the international business and other fields. India has played a significant role in maintaining world peace and globalization. It has the tenth largest economy in the world and after 1991; India’s economic growth has been called as the fastest.  India has the third largest purchasing power parity (PPP) in the world and is attracting bundles of business from all the corners of the world.

Amidst of all these, India still suffers from problems like corruption, poverty, literacy, women discrimination, health-care and many more.

7. Spain

Average percentage of businesses struggling for funds: 45

From the early modern period, Spain has been an influential country. It has a democracy, which is organized as a parliamentary government and comes under the constitutional monarchy. Spain’s economy is the thirteenth and the fourth largest in the world and in the Eurozone. It also has a very high standard of living.

Inflation is considered to be one of the major problems in the economic growth of Spain. Also, the migration of a major number of the Spanish people to other European countries is bringing down the economic growth of Spain.

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