MySIPonline Carves Niche in Mutual Fund Investing with Value Added Services


What are your retirement plans? “Well, I will decide it in a year or two,” said no WISE individual at 40 ever. Don’t you think, mere emphasis on the word ‘wise’ here makes all the difference? Undoubtedly, a wise investment is what is needed today. Considering its utmost importance in the life of an individual, the mutual fund industry has been successfully creating new solutions to fulfill the demands of everyone. It is no surprise that the total Industry’s AUM has grown from Rs 10 lakh crore in May 2014 to Rs 24.03 lakh crore as on November 30, 2018.

To match the pace of the growing industry, MySIPonline, one of India’s most trusted digital platforms keeps on introducing several value-added services to make the path of investment a smooth sail for investors. Thus, this helps the folks who trusted the online platform with money ride through the volatility with ease and earn higher returns.

This time too, we have adopted some new technological advancements to make the process of investment a cakewalk but before that let’s clear up the air for investors who are struck at whether to go with a direct fund or a regular scheme.

Understanding the Fight of Direct Vs. Regular

Several new platforms such as Paytm Money have come up with direct plans for investors. They try to convince people telling that there are no additional charges on investments. However, one crucial aspect that they don’t mention is, direct plans are best suitable for DIY investors, who have gathered good investing experience and do not require any financial advice.

In a direct plan, investment in any particular mutual fund is not routed via a distributor; thus investors are spared from paying a percentage of commission that is imposed in regular plans. However, the effect of not paying this 1% of the commission is not quite large; actually, it’s less profitable at times.

New investors who initiate investment in direct plans panic seeing volatility in the market, and they often end up being a creek without a paddle. As they don’t have an expert’s support, they either redeem investment in the middle or make fewer returns due to wrong selection of scheme. This is where regular plans serve as a lifeboat.

The investors who invest in regular plans via MySIPonline can remain ahead of the crowd by investing as per their experts’ suggestions, and thus they end up making the best of returns. So, if you too have given up all hopes on your investments by choosing direct mutual funds, then it’s time to make a switch to a trustworthy online investment portal, and MySIPonline is the best choice in that case!


Recent Advancements That You’ll Get to Enjoy with MySIPonline

We, at MySIPonline, believe “Mutual fund investment is a science, there is no fixed thumb rule.” Considering it, we keep on experimenting new ways through which this online investment process can be made much simpler and user-friendly. For that case, we furnish new technologies now and then. Having said that, let’s get hold of the recent changes that this online investment portal has adopted which are helping it in making a mark in the mutual fund industry.

1. Automated Platform: The clients at MySIPonline get to taste an entirely different cocktail of the latest technology and simplicity of investing in the best recommended mutual funds. Every single day, we strive to include something new, be it a minute positive change, to make the process of financial planning a little better.

2.Introduction of Video KYC: We started with the aim to build a paperless investment platform where investors can keep their worries of fulfilling a lot of paper formalities at bay. Sticking intact with the goal, we introduced video KYC facility for our investors, where they can complete the ‘Know Your Customer’ formality just with the help of a video verification call.

3. Mutual Fund Talk Show: The users of MySIPonline can always remain ahead as they get latest updates of the mutual fund industry, as well as advises and recommendations which let them make the best financial decisions in their life. With MySIPonline’s YouTube Channel, you get expert’s recommendations based on complete analysis of different market cap products.

The Moral of the Story
Although investing in mutual funds is already a rewarding avenue, partnering up with a solid platform like MySIPonline that offers you regular recommendations along with free consultation services will work like a steroid to your financial health, for it is a powerful combination of expertise and innovation. So, the next time you plan a financial trip via mutual funds, you know where to board the flight from – MySIPonline, of course!

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