India's Top 10 Mutual Funds

Bangalore: After the financial breakdown in 2008, Mutual fund investors in India have become very cautious, since there is no hope for good returns. The reason behind this downfall is mainly because  investors' share which was previously 27 percent came down to 21 percent in the total industry assets, after the assets under management (AUM) equity mutual funds fell to 5 percent in the present year.

Despite such a downfall, there are some investors and fund managers who still expect probability of success. In 2012-2013 the assets worth grew up to 19 per cent. The main reason behind this is, investors started keeping their money in fixed-income instruments which are better and safer schemes compared to others. The scene for the next year seems like it will not be easy for  fund managers to attract the investors in equity schemes.

However “Business Today” partner of mutual fund tracker Value Researcher Dhirendra Kumar is still optimistic about it. "Despite all the gloom and doom, there are many underlying positives in the Indian economy and businesses," said Kumar. He also pointed out that Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is also coming up with news plans, so that it will benefit the mutual fund industry as well.

Below are India’s best mutual funds that are listed by Business Today, based on the research 'Best Mutual Fund Study 2012'.

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