Importance of Having A Home Insurance Policy in India

Importance of Having A Home Insurance Policy in India

Home is any person?s most important possession. There are a few things in life which are more precious. It is a physical property that invokes a sense of pride, security and belongingness. The safety of home is only secondary to the safety of the family. People are ready to go to extreme lengths to safeguard one of their most valuable assets.

The best way to ensure its safety is by purchasing a home insurance. Here are some reasons why every house owner should buy a home insurance:

  • Many insurance policies cover protection from the loss incurred due to natural phenomenon.
  • Also, coverage of damage caused by theft.
  • Coverage of liability.
  • Though finding a replacement for the things lost can be hard, but it becomes a bit easier to find them as there is financial support.
  • Buying home insurance will not affect a pocket too much. Most of the policies are reasonably priced.
  • Many banks and mortgage lenders will not grant financial support if there is no insurance.
  • Sense of security because there is a factor that we can lean on in times of troubles and when there is nowhere else to go.
  • It may look like an expense, but in time it will be an investment.

It is a distinct type of insurance that covers property from many kinds of dangers. Moreover, it provides assurance.

Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, if anything happens to the house, the financial and emotional strain is beyond imagination. One can always protect themselves from any mishap by buying home insurance.

Some of the great benefits of buying home insurance include:

  • Comprehensive cover for flat or house.
  • Some insurances cover 10 per cent each year for long term policies.
  • There are policies that can be taken for a longer period of 20 years.
  • Some policies do not require asset declaration or invoices during buying the cover.

There are other things from which a person insures himself/herself like health insurance and car insurance. But home insurance too is a vital aspect. Safeguarding it should be on everybody?s priority. Rightly so, the insurance market is seeing a significant growth in the number of people buying an insurance policy for their home.

However, along with home, there are a lot more things that the homeowner needs to take care of. These things involve a list of expensive and significant materials. Any damage to them may have serious consequences to the person who owns it.

The household articles that fall under this category are things like cash, mobile equipment,household appliances, external equipment, jewellery, other valuables and more.

Ensuring their safety is much needed. The loss or damage to any of those materials is sure to incur a huge expense. The easiest way to protect oneself is from any such issue is by buying insurance.

The right home appliances insurance always covers these claims:

  • Higher SI options up to Rs 50 Lakh for jewellery, content and appliances.
  • Paintings and artwork coverage.
  • 1 to 3 years of the policy tenure.
  • Laptops, I pads, I pod and mobile phone coverage.

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