How to Have a Good Vacation on a Tight Budget

Bangalore: If you were planning to jet set go on a holiday, do not give up your plan just yet. Though holidaying has become costlier by the minute because of the downer Budget, there are ways to get around it. Yahoo Finance has come up with 5 ways to enjoy your holiday without burning holes in your budget -

1. Deglamorize Your Holiday

Let’s face it – you cannot go for an extra fancy vacation if you have a limited budget. What you can do is try and go for a less glamorous holiday by opting for cheaper destinations. Always remember – holidaying is a way to escape daily dreariness. So, even a change of place close to your home can do the trick. You can also shorten the duration of your holiday to manage your budget trip. There are more than ample travel websites in India which will offer you economy travel packs, which are just clicks away.