How Billionaires' Wives Spend

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, March 30, 2012   |    6 Comments
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Bangalore: India’s super-rich billionaires have buckets of money although they spend most of it into business. But have you ever wondered what their better half’s spending habits are? Is it only shopping or fascination of luxurious accessories? Or they like to reinvest their money to make more profit out of it? Let’s have a look at their lifestyles.

1. Nita Ambani

Nita Ambani, daughter of senior Birla executive, is often called as the “Empress of India”. She is married to the Reliance Industry’s Chairman and MD, Mukesh Ambani, who is the richest man in the country with an estimated wealth of $22.3 billion. Her husband might have built one of the world’s most expensive houses but she is typical Gujju bargain-hunting wife who love to get hold of the best piece at the best rate.

For her high rise home Antilla, she wanted a crockery set of 25,000 pieces of chinaware. This crockery set was from a 106 years old Japanese brand ‘Noritake’, whose crockery is 22 carat gold/platinum-trimmed porcelain. Surprisingly she didn’t buy it from the Mumbai showroom rather she flew to Sri Lanka to get her piece as the price was 70-80 percent less in Sri Lanka than Mumbai.

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Reader's comments(6)
1: That is how Gujerathis thrive in Business
Posted by:Rammohan - 03 Apr, 2012
2: You must do something to prevent spam = look at the comments below mine. This forum must be moderated to prevent abuse.
Posted by:Vikram Malik - 31 Mar, 2012
3: Instead of bringing a house in UK for so much cost,the same amount you could have bought few houses for the poor people in India who would have remembered for their life span.Think what were you in your earlier days with your parents.
After becoming famous in film world you all got the wealth with hard work and spending money which will be of no use for you all as your husband also bought some property in Dubai.
Posted by:ABCD - 31 Mar, 2012
"few houses for the poor people in India who would have remembered for their life span.""

No they won't.
It will only increase the sense of entitlement. Thanks to reservation and free sites, pride of work and duty are at an all time low in this country.
Psyke Replied to: - 24 Jul, 2012
5: Ya they have loads of money but they just know to waste their money. That's all.
Posted by:Niranjan - 30 Mar, 2012
That's not true..most of them are actually using their money for some good and leading charities, helping out aspiring artists/entrepreneurs. I'm sure they spend on personal things as well, but wouldn't you want to spend money that you have earned on things that make you happy as well? Just because people have money and are famous, doesnt entitle the whole world to their profits. As long as they give something back, that's commendable.
Dina Replied to: - 01 Apr, 2012
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