High Credit Scores- A Must Before Applying For A Loan

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, November 25, 2013
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Bangalore: A credit card score is nothing but a numerical data that shows how good you are in paying back the credits. Owning a credit card is really good but don’t forget to pay the credits  before the due date or else you might end up gaining less credit scores. People take loans from banks to fulfill their dreams. It is best to hink before applying for a loan and make sure that your credit card score is really good, reports Economic Times.
Though, it is always good to have credit cards, but the number of credit cards will not increase your score card, instead you should keep a track on the use of your credit cards. This is done by mainly trying to pay before or by the due date to increase your credit card score.
If you are too busy with your work and if you tend to forget your payment date then there is a facility of automating the payment to your credit card company by applying for an ECS mandate to your bank, which will help you make your payments on time as the bank will pay the amount once the bill is generated. Repayment makes a lot of difference in your score card.
V.N. Kulkarni, chief counselor at the Abhay Credit Counseling Centre said, "Credit information bureaus also look at the kind of loan taken by the individual as also its duration", reports ET.
Taking home loans and car loans that come under mortgage loans are good for increasing your score, but taking loans like travel loans, personal loans or credit card loans may decrease your score.
Rajiv Raj, co-founder and director of Credit Vidya said "A person without a credit card will be viewed as more risky than someone who has used credit cards and paid in time", and he added that most of the people who taken loan have paid back the loan in time.
Even if you have a credit card use it to an extent doesn’t utilize it you may end up scoring negative scores. Harshala Chandorkar, senior vice-president, consumer relations, CIBIL says "It's always prudent to not use too much credit".
Even having dispute with your bank or Credit Card Company in the past can give you a negative score On a concluding note it is good to check for your credit scores before you apply for any loan from a bank.
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