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By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, May 18, 2017   |    2 Comments
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There are many instances in life when an unpredictable series of events creates the need for urgent funds. And in these instances, getting an instant or fast-track loan can be a boon.

Simran Kapoor was an independent, self-made woman who ran her household on her income. She lived in a 3 BHK with her family, her retired father, her mother who taught Reiki at home and a younger brother who aspired to study overseas. She worked at a Fortune 500 company, and had her eyes on buying a bigger home in a better locality. She was working on paying off her home loan EMIs with diligence and awaited the completion of her new apartment in a gated community, which offered a golf course, a green meditation centre, a gym and a swimming pool. The future looked rosy and Simran worked hard to ensure that she could give herself and her family the life of their dreams.

When Simran’s brother Rohan did really well at his GRE, she and her whole family were overjoyed. Rohan was very bright and dreamt of studying at an Ivy League university in America. When his junior college track record, mark sheets and test score got him into a prestigious college abroad, there was suddenly no time to waste.

Simran needed to arrange college admission costs, tuition and living expenses for the first year of her brother’s studies immediately, or delay his admission. An achiever herself, she wanted to see her brother attend the college of his choice and make a mark for himself. Simran immediately did her research and opted for a fast-track personal loan.

As she fit all the eligibility criteria, she was able to get an instant approval of her personal loan and received the money within 72 hours! Simran had always done everything in her life fast, and this was no exception. Here’s how Simran’s personal loan was fast-tracked:

• Simran worked in a Fortune 500 company and this helped fast track her personal loan application. A steady job means a steady monthly income, and this gave the lender the confidence to offer her the loan. If you work in a reputed company, especially one in Information Technology Enabled Services, you will find it easy to get an instant personal loan.

 Simran was 32 years old, and her age helped the lenders view her as a responsible member of society. If you are above 30, you too will be considered an able candidate for a fast track personal loan.

• Simran has borrowed a home loan and has successfully cleared three EMIs. This also built trust and showcased her responsibility, both of which convinced the lender to offer her a loan. Even if you have taken a car loan in the past or have cleared at least 10 EMIs, you will be in the same boat as Simran from the lender’s perspective.

• Simran earned Rs.91,000 per month at her job and this too made her application for a fast and quick personal loan up for instant approval. If you earn more than Rs.75,000 per month, your personal loan application will be approved and fast tracked.

• If your CIBIL score (credit score) is more than 780, you can also easily get an instant personal loan.

Simran used her personal loan to finance her brother’s education overseas, and like her you too can find yourself in a situation where you need immediate and fast funds. Whether your emergency, a fast-track personal loan can get you access to funds instantly, and with an easy online application, applying for one wont take up much time either. If you fit the eligibility for a quick personal loan, simply apply for one right now.

Benefits of a Fast Track Personal Loan

• Gives you instant liquid cash without making you waste time and effort in application and gathering documents.

• Cash is dispensed almost immediately so you can begin utilising the funds to suit your needs.

• You can use this liquid cash to purchase assets or in any emergency situation.

• The cash comes to your rescue in case of any medical emergencies too.

• Its eligibility requirements are easy to meet.

• It helps you avoids raising cash by selling your assets, or prematurely withdrawing your fixed deposits, and as a result keeps your savings safe.

• They feature reasonable and affordable interest rates and may be repaid with easy EMIs in a tenor of 12-60 months.

Bajaj Finserv knows the importance of cash in your life. They offer excellent fast track personal loans at low interest. 

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Posted by:SCOTT DAVIDSON - 19 May, 2017
2: DO YOU NEED LOANS? AT 3% IF YES EMAIL WITH AMOUNT NEEDED. Note all reply should be copy and send to this Full name .......... Amount needed: .......... Loan Duration: .......... Age: .......... Country .......... Occupation .......... Phone number..........
Posted by:scott davidson - 19 May, 2017
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