Fundsupermart Launches Flexi SIP Across Equity Schemes

Bangalore:, the online-only mutual fund investment platform, has launched a flexible systematic investment plan across the spectrum of mutual funds.

"We strive to make investing simple and hassle-free by leveraging our online platform. The Flexi SIP feature enables investors to effortlessly alter their monthly investment to suit their affordability or temporary upheaval in their finances,” says Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director, iFAST Financial.

The Flexi SIP method of investing is similar to the SIP method in that the investments are made periodically into a mutual fund over a specified period. The value addition in the new variant is that investors can alter the monthly amount to be invested without the hassle of a fresh ECS bank mandate.

“A savvy investor who wants to take advantage of acquiring more units during a market downturn can increase the SIP amount. Likewise, if valuations are stretched and he would prefer channelizing his savings into a debt fund till the market cools down, he could make the appropriate changes,” says Nelson D’souza, General Manager,

Investors will be required to simply choose the funds of their choice, the amount to go into each fund, the convenient dates and the maximum ECS limit. A debit mandate will be used to make the monthly deductions. Within this limit, the investor can alter the amount going into each fund. The entire product has been designed keeping investor convenience in mind.