Banks That Offer Cheapest Home Loans In India

BANGALORE: An individual might have many dreams but buying a home is one of the primary dreams for everyone. But often most of us are not able to achieve this due to many reasons. The prices of real estate’s growing day by day have made buying a property as a dream for most of us.

There are instances that you have been thinking of buying a property from quite a long time but your bank balance might not be allowing you to do so. If that is the case, then there is no need to worry as you can go ahead and take home loans that you can pay over a period of time and also own your dream home.

Here is the list of banks that can help your dreams come true:

1. State Bank of India

SBI Home loan is considered as one of the best home loan products at the moment and it also comes from the home loan largest Bank in India. The multinational banking and financial services provider is regarded the best bank for its loan schemes and it has a large set of branches which help them to do more business. It is also considered to be the most preferred bank in housing loan industry. SBI also provides a Housing loan with different schemes like SBI Easy Home Loan, SBI Advantage Home Loan, SBI Home Plus, SBI MY HOME CAMPAIGN and SBI Housing Finance Scheme. The interest rates on home loans range from 10.10 percent to 10.30 percent.