9 Simple Ways to File Your Income Tax Returns

Bangalore: Although the financial year has ended, it is again time for the common man question on how to file an Income Tax return. Central Board of Taxes (CBDT) has made it simpler this time to file the Income Tax Return.

Before filing the Income Tax Return it’s always better to verify all the information, so that you can avoid future hassles of assessments.

“Economic Times” has listed out some things that you should take care of, before filing Income Tax returns.

1. Correct Form of Return

The Central Board of Taxes (CBDT) has modified and brought simpler ways to notify Tax returns. Two forms that are available for filing the returns are Sahaj and Sugam.

It is very important to pick up the right form before filing the return. Where sahaj is for those tax payers whose income is in the form of salary, pension or by similar sources.

And on the other hand, Sugam is for those who own s a business.

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