8 Useless Things Rich People Waste Their Money On

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, November 23, 2012   |    6 Comments
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Bangalore: Everyone wants to get rich and so do you. You often think when and how will you receive a paycheck of lakhs every month. It’s good that you dream big, but what will you do with your money? Around the world there are many big shots, who buy too costly and less worthy things which, rather than enhancing their status, makes them look dumb. Whatever plans you have but make sure that you don’t spend your money on these extravagant things and look deceived, says Stacy Johnson from

1. An Expensive Sports Car

Do you have crazy for cars? Which is the car you are planning to buy this money? Avoid buying too expensive sports car. These cars spend lesser time on road and more in your house garage. Some wealthy guys buy such car thinking it with add value to their personality and they will get a chance to flaunt it infront of their friends. But they forget the fact that is a busy traffic an expensive sports and an ordinary car moves with the same speed, so why anyone out on the road would will envy them or “would want to see how fast their sport cars will go?”

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2. A Boat

Billionaires don’t think a lot over buying anything desire as they always have money in excess. When it comes to buying a boat they easily spend a hundred millions and then they hardly use it. These boats tend to sit unused for long periods of time and is one has to spend huge money to maintain it. It is quite astounding that even if they use it or not, its value depreciate rapidly. If you consider the gas price where they are today, then an all-day fishing trip will cost around thousands. So maybe it is not a good advice to buy a boat and flush millions of dollars.

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Reader's comments(6)
1: They can waste the money here if they want
Posted by:JulSan - 15 Sep, 2014
2: Such a stupid indian author ...ur jealous because u wont be a millionaire...people will use money for whatever shows why u have no brain at all
Posted by:sam - 18 Feb, 2013
3: The best thing is to spend money on only traveling and seen places where you never go.
Posted by:rajiv - 09 Jan, 2013
4: These are very practical and sensible suggestions. We'll have many more crorepatis and happiness if people limited their greed by avoiding these.
Posted by:S - 16 Dec, 2012
5: This is a rant of a person who does not have money to buy all these things.

The people who own these, have earned money by intelligent investments or otherwise.

If the writer happens to own that much money, he too would go for the same or even bigger things.
Posted by:H K Prabhakar - 28 Nov, 2012
6: Excellent Review. Do you know what is an investment?
Posted by:Raja - 26 Nov, 2012
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