7 Reasons That Prompt You To Switch Banks

Bangalore: You are no stranger to banks. Everyday you make several transactions and invest in FDs and PPF. It provides a number of financial solution and services. Even your bank may provide you such solution, but still there are factors which prompts you to switch or leave your bank. The 2012 Retail Banking Voice of the Customer Survey, Capgemini, has presented 7 such factors that can prompt you to leave a bank, as reported by Yahoo.com.


Your bank may not inform you always whenever it increases its transaction charges or processing fee. But you need to keep a watch on it. As the banker sitting in his office is concerned more about his profit and not about your losses. The best way to avoid paying hefty fees, is choosing a bank which is more favourable and chargers lesser fee. Globally 50 percent of people surveyed by Capgemini stated that the various kinds of fees is a major reason for them to leave their bank.

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