6 Tricks How Malls Make you Shop More

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, February 3, 2012   |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: Gone are the days when we used to sit with friends in the college canteen bunking the lectures and chat or used to go to the Chaupati to spend the weekend. The latest trend is the Malls, which is no more only a shopping place but is also a hangout for college teens and couples. Yes, of course the classy ambience and music attracts us to spend time apart from it, malls play a lot of tricks to attract you.

1. Ambience: A soon as we think of a mall, what strikes our mind is the ambience. The killer posters of actors wearing elegant dresses and accessories, will ignite you to feel, “wow, it looks cool, how much it will cost, can I buy it?” The items displaying in the showcases will make you do window shopping. Out of all, you will be bound to choice 10 items and will end up buying at least 2-3 items. At the entrance they provide you with navigation charts. These things will tempt you and force you to change your mind to buy and make you spend more.

2. They make you walk: You might have noticed that the escalators have quite a difference between them. It’s not a faulty design but the mall makes you walk relatively more so that you can see while making the distance between the escalators. This trick doubles the chances of making you shop more and make a bill out of it. This same trick they use for the food courts too. Once you go for an outing you would like to take a bite. All the malls have the food courts to the top floors, so that you have to climb 4 floors just to have refreshment and on the way, the shops will take the advantage and make you look at their shops to shed the weight of your wallet.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: Nice to know that how we are influenced.
Posted by:Lipika - 06 Feb, 2012
2: The pic looks like it's UB city.. i wonder if even a rich sensible man would shop here whatsoever be the trick the mall follows...
Posted by:anjanaa - 06 Feb, 2012
3: Very true. they influence us to buy more and we get into it easily.
Posted by:Prantika - 05 Feb, 2012
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