6 Facts About Credit Card Protection Plan

Bangalore: Credit card customers are getting younger over the years and mostly fall in the age group of 25-34 years. As per the data released by credit information company CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau), in 2009, approximately 50 percent of credit card holders were below 35, which went up to 65 percent in Q2 2012, as reported by Preeti Kulkarni, ET bureau. As credit card holders have increased in number, so here are few key factors to remember while handling credit card which will help you to protect it from infringement.

1. Credit Card Protection Plan (CPP) is India’s first card protection service. You can insure your credit, debit, ATM membership or loyalty card against loss, theft and fraud under CPP. This insurance coverage plan is offered by banks and Credit card firms in association with CPP India. CPP’s helpline is 24 hours open; you can call them and seek help in case of card loss, theft or fraud which may have occurred anywhere in the world.